Have You Been Injured?
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What You Deserve.

Have You Been Injured?
We Go To Work To Get What You Deserve.

Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer

When someone else negligently injures you, it is challenging to figure out how to respond or where to go when legal issues arise. At the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri, a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer will put more than 25 years of our founder’s experience into your case. You deserve fair compensation to pay for your medical bills, lost work wages and benefits, and mental anguish.

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Learn about your options with a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. If you hire a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer on our legal team to represent your case, we will not charge you any upfront attorneys’ or legal fees. Get your Free Consultation now by calling 516-407-9720 or messaging us online directly.

Our Firm Fights for the Rights of Personal Injury Victims

Federal and New York personal injury laws give you the right to file a compensation claim. A Brooklyn personal injury lawyer will help you build your case and devise a strategy that gets you the money you deserve.

The Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri represent the following personal injury cases in Brooklyn and the NYC metropolitan area:

At the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri., we know the law in Brooklyn, NY. Our legal team has a strong command of the law and will assert your right to compensation. You concentrate on healing from your injuries or family member’s death while handling the insurance company’s fight on your behalf.

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Your injury should have never happened. Our legal team genuinely wants to learn more about the issues you are facing and what possible solutions are available. Call us for a Free Consultation now by sending us a message online or calling 516-407-9720.

Common Personal Injuries Are Expensive to Treat

Regardless of the accident type you face, injuries can leave you struggling with pain, terrifying memories, medical bills, and lost wages. Adequate compensation helps you restore your life to as whole as possible. Legal representation ensures that your rights are protected when negotiating with insurance companies, third parties, or their lawyers.

At the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri., we have helped past clients obtain an award that pays for damages related to the following injuries:

The party who caused your injuries should be held liable for the damages they caused you. A Brooklyn personal injury lawyer wants to ensure you can receive the adequate medical treatment you deserve. The Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri is ready to fight for your rights.

New York Laws Provide for Injury Victim Compensation

New York’s legal system divides damages, or financial losses, into three primary categories: Special damages, general damages, and punitive damages. Your Brooklyn personal injury lawyer will help you establish which damages apply to your case.

The magnitude of your case is determined based upon factors like:

When you have an ongoing need for health care, obtaining maximum financial compensation may require patience. However,  Your Brooklyn personal injury lawyer will look for opportunities to obtain additional compensation as it applies to your case.

Special Damages Pay Out-of-Pocket Costs

Economic damages are straightforward to calculate since they compensate for your measurable losses. However, complications can arise whether your injury has not completely healed and your expenses continue to pile. In this case, the settlement should consider your future losses.

Compensation that we have secured on behalf of clients includes:

A Brooklyn personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri has economic advisors and medical experts. We want to ensure you receive compensation that protects you now and in the future.

General Damages Pay for Emotional and Mental Losses

Non-economic damages pay for the emotional and mental impacts that the injury has caused. These injuries are more challenging to prove since they are not readily observable. Our firm will document your overall general damages to ensure that your detractors understand the full impact on your life.

An experienced Brooklyn personal injury lawyer knows how to value your case. The Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri has secured the following awards on behalf of clients:

Numerous factors are considered. Understanding the scope and depth of your injuries is essential to proving your losses. Your Brooklyn personal injury lawyer also works with you closely and listens when you discuss how your accident has permanently or temporarily changed your life.

Wrongful Death & Survival Action Compensation

Family members and the decedent’s estate have a right to file a compensation claim or lawsuit for wrongful death.

Under a wrongful death case, the estate pursues damages on behalf of the decedent, including:

Under a survival action case, the decedent’s survivors pursue a compensation claim for their losses, including:

Punitive Damages Are Rarely Awardable

Courts only award punitive damages if a judge or jury finds the defendant’s actions extraordinarily negligent. Most New York cases do not include punitive damages, since courts reserve them for gross acts of negligence.

Get Legal Advice from a Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases are complicated to navigate. However, pursuing one may add value to your overall settlement. Contact the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri for a Free Consultation at 516-407-9720 or message us online.

Personal injury cases take courage and perseverance. Both of those qualities are at the foundation of The Law Offices of Mitchell M. Ozeri. Mitchell and his team have represented New York’s injured in for over 25 years. We work tirelessly to help our clients achieve their  MAXIMUM possible compensation for their injuries and help them get their lives back on track. Contact us now for a FREE CONSULTATION and to learn about all of your legal options.

Proving Your Case Is Challenging and Essential

Personal injury cases follow New York civil laws and the county or municipality laws in which the accident occurred. As such, there are specific elements of negligence that you must prove to receive compensation for the losses you or your loved ones suffered.

Here are the elements of a negligence claim:

Negligence cases are handled in King County civil courts or in the county where the accident took place. However, you can negotiate insurance with insurance companies out-of-court.

How New York’s Negligence Laws Apply to Your Case

It is not unusual for the defendant to blame the victim as a defensive strategy in a personal injury case. They use this tactic to get so that you agree to a lesser settlement or forfeit your case altogether.

Regardless of your role, New York’s comparative negligence law can provide you with compensation if you can prove that the other party was also somewhat responsible. Under New York law, Brooklyn accident victims can recover a civil award from any person who is partially liable for the personal injury accident.

You will still receive a portion of your settlement reduced by a percentage of fault exhibited. Get a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer to defend and negotiate your case.

Deadlines Apply to Your Brooklyn Personal Injury Case

New York’s statute of limitations limits the time you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. You generally have up to three (3) years from the date of your injuries. Once the time passes, you forfeit your right to recover compensation with a few exceptions.

Other Deadlines Apply to Your Case

Even if you would like to stay away from court and accept a settlement, the three-year limitations period is essential. Insurance companies generally refuse to deal with you fairly when they know you cannot sue for damages. Additionally, the insurance company may well have its deadlines for filing a claim.

No Upfront Legal Fees to Represent Your Case

If you hire us to represent your case, our law firm will not charge you any form of advance payment to take on your case. We only get paid when you win!

Schedule a Free Consultation

At the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri., a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer will help you through every facet of your injury case from start to finish. Our legal team will investigate, negotiate, and advocate on your behalf. We do not give up, and we do not back down until you get what is fair.

Our legal team offers Free Consultations. Call us today to schedule yours with an experienced Brooklyn personal injury lawyer by calling 516-407-9720 or sending a message online privately.

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Larry Young
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Mitchell was really wonderful, I got t boned by a car riding home from work. He got me my settlement quickly, was wonderful to deal with, and god forbid I get hit by any more distracted people in my motorcycling life, I will be reaching out to him again. Immediately. All the people in the office were great as well.
Joanna Marie
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Super professional, high quality service - I would highly recommend Mitchell Ozeri and his team! They were direct and worked hard on my behalf and I am more than pleased with the outcome. He made everything easier and got my case settled ASAP.
Ben Hipp
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Mitchell was extremely helpful and on top of everything very quickly in my case. He was always available if I had any questions or concerns. He also found me a great surgeon for my accident related injury. My case was closed without having to go to court and saved me a lot of time and money. Highly recommended!
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