Injured In A Motorcycle Crash?
You May Be Eligible For

Injured In A Motorcycle Crash?
You May Be Eligible For Compensation.

Highly Rated Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When someone else’s negligence causes your injuries or a family member’s death, you can pursue compensation under New York civil laws. Your financial and physical recovery is a top priority which means that you should speak with a Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri.

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Our office will handle the legal fight on your behalf while you focus on getting better. However, some deadlines apply to your case, and you may want to reach out sooner than later. Call for a Free Consultation at (718) 816-8609 or send us a direct message online.

The Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri does not ask for any upfront retainers, and our legal team does not get paid unless you win.

Common Brooklyn Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Negligence

While motorcyclists understand they are difficult to see on the streets of Brooklyn, many good riders take the proper precautions to remain as visible as possible. It was not your fault that the other driver did not see you. You should not have to pay for the losses that they caused you.

A Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri will investigate the negligent cause of your injuries, including:

Insurers will conduct an investigation of your accident to determine how much money they think they owe you. However, they may offer an inadequate settlement that does not compensate you for your emotional and future losses. A Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyer will also investigate the accident on your behalf to ensure you are demanding a fair award.

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The Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri works toward negotiating a settlement or civil award on your behalf, so you focus on your physical recovery. Receive a Free Case Evaluation at (718) 816-8609 or send us a message online now. We do not get compensated for our time and resources until you win.

Common Types of Injuries a Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Handles

Motorcycle accident injuries are traumatic in several instances. Due to the rider experiences’ level of exposure, there is little to protect you from the road, other vehicles, and objects. The most severe injuries occur when a motorcycle is struck from the front.

At the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri, a Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyer, we can help you receive compensation for any of the following injuries:

If someone else negligently caused your accident injuries, you have a right to compensation under New York’s civil statutes. However, these laws are complicated. A Brooklyn motorcycle accident injury lawyer is prepared to handle your case from start to finish while pursuing the maximum recoverable award.

Hire A Legal Team That Cares

The Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri is a professional and friendly law firm that takes your case seriously. From our support staff to your Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyer, you and your family will be treated with compassion throughout the entire time we work together. You can have reassurance in knowing that someone is on your side when negotiating with insurance companies.

A Brooklyn bicycle accident lawyer at the Ozeri Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyers will fight to obtain fair compensation for:

If you lost your family member in a fatal bicycle accident, you could receive wrongful death and/or survival action damages. They can include funeral, burial costs and compensation for the loss of your loved one’s financial support and company.

New Yorkers ride bikes every day for their jobs, their commute and for fun. In the blink of an eye a distracted motorist can wreak havoc in a bike riders world. Bicycle accident cases can have deep complexities and requires navigation by an experienced accident attorney. The Ozeri Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyers is here to help you obtain everything you are owed after your bicycle accident. Contact us now for a FREE CONSULTATION.

New York Laws Protect Your Right to Compensation After a Motorcycle Accident

By hiring a Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri, you can pursue an award under New York laws that pay for:

Even seemingly “minor” accidents can cause life-changing injuries or fatalities to victims. Be aware that the other driver or party owed you or your loved one a general duty of care and neglected to meet it. Their reckless or careless decisions are not your fault.

Our legal team understands that money will not make up for the losses you or your family suffered. However, it does offer you the financial resources you need to pay your bills and future losses while holding negligent parties responsible for their careless or reckless actions. The Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri works toward establishing the fault of another party and the fair value for your case.

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Personal injury cases, such as Brooklyn motorcycle accidents, are challenging to navigate, especially when going up against the at-fault party, insurance companies, and legal representatives. You do not have to accept an award that is less than what you deserve. A Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyer will fight for your rights so that you get a fair settlement offer.

There is a limited time to act. Call the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri for a Free Case Evaluation now at (718) 816-8609 or message us directly online. We will not ask for any form of advance payment to take on your case.

New York Limits the Time You Have to Recuperate Your Losses

The deadline you have to file a case is known as the statute of limitations. Every state utilizes them for different types of cases, including claims that fall under New York laws. The deadlines that apply to your case depend upon the type you file, so you will want to double-check with a Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyer.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations

Do Not Miss Any Case Deadlines

For general personal injury matters in Brooklyn, you have up to three (3) years from the date of your motorcycle accident injury or two (2) years from the date of your family member’s death. A few years may seem like plenty of time to negotiate a case. However, these may not be the only deadlines that apply.

Do not let your detractors get away with their actions based on a statutory technicality. Speak with a Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri as soon as you possibly can. The Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri will ensure that your case does not derail due to missed deadlines or other legal mistakes.

How the Ozeri Law Firm Will Help You and Your Loved Ones

Regardless of your accident’s severity, a Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyer will dutifully and tireless stand by your side throughout the entire negotiation process. It can be tough to face this situation, but the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri will guide you through it compassionately and professionally.

Our firm will proudly go the extra mile to serve you in the following capacity:

Missing the statute of limitations or any notification deadlines can negatively impact the outcome of your personal injury or wrongful death case. If the insurance company has an opportunity to reduce or deny your award, you can be sure it will take the chance.

As a prospective client, we want you to know how much we care about our clients. We also love winning for them. The Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri has been successfully helping injury victims throughout Brooklyn and New York City obtain the compensation they need from insurance companies for more than 25 years.

Get Legal Help from a Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

While no one can erase the damage caused by a motorcycle accident injury or wrongful death, the Law Offices of Mitchell Ozeri will identify and hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. If you hire a Brooklyn motorcycle accident on our team to represent your case, you will have someone advocating and fighting on your behalf.

Call us now for a Free Case Evaluation at (718) 816-8609 or send us a direct message through our secure contact form. There is no obligation or cost to make this call. It is an opportunity for you to learn more about your legal options.

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Larry Young
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Mitchell was really wonderful, I got t boned by a car riding home from work. He got me my settlement quickly, was wonderful to deal with, and god forbid I get hit by any more distracted people in my motorcycling life, I will be reaching out to him again. Immediately. All the people in the office were great as well.
Joanna Marie
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Super professional, high quality service - I would highly recommend Mitchell Ozeri and his team! They were direct and worked hard on my behalf and I am more than pleased with the outcome. He made everything easier and got my case settled ASAP.
Ben Hipp
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Mitchell was extremely helpful and on top of everything very quickly in my case. He was always available if I had any questions or concerns. He also found me a great surgeon for my accident related injury. My case was closed without having to go to court and saved me a lot of time and money. Highly recommended!
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