7 Reasons Why You Need a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn NYC

bicycle accident lawyer

Do you often cycle as a hobby or as your way of commute?

One difficulty of this is sharing the roads and streets. Whether it’s other vehicles or pedestrians, cycling has its risks and dangers. When this happens, you might find yourself asking if you need a bicycle accident lawyer.

There’s no doubt that cyclists are more exposed to the elements. That said, a bicycle accident is more fatal than most other motor vehicle crashes. Some other potential issues and problems may arise after the incident.

Hiring bicycle accident lawyers is in your best interest. Here are seven reasons why you should.

1. Delays Can Cost You

New York has a statute of limitations for most personal injury cases, and it’s 3 years. This seems like a lot of time, but court proceedings take a while.

If this period expires, you might not have your case heard at all. Waiting too long from the date of the accident could also hurt your chances of a full settlement. As soon as the accident happens, don’t wait – get a bicycle lawyer.

They’ll help you accelerate the timeline for proceedings. If you drag your feet, the other parties may argue your injuries and losses weren’t that bad. This results in you settling for less, or worse, for nothing.

2.  A Tailored Case

As NYC tries to “break the car culture”, more and more people are getting into cycling. This means that bike accidents and crashes are on the rise as well.

This is where a bicycle accident attorney comes into the picture. They will tailor things to your case. Don’t rely on Google or base things on other personal injury cases alone. This is especially true for Brooklyn, as it has the highest crash rates of the five boroughs.

A lawyer knows all the pitfalls, legal loopholes, and potential claim denying errors. A bicycle accident attorney will leverage their expertise and knowledge. 

With experience in other personal injury cases, they’ll be able to give you advice on the best route to take.

A good example is by giving you a rundown on the difference between bike crashes and bike accidents. This will help you understand your situation better. In turn, the likelihood of getting the largest settlement possible will be higher. 

3. Well-managed Paperwork and Documentation

Personal injury laws can get complex. Getting rejected by a personal injury lawyer isn’t unheard of. This is why it’s important to choose someone from a bicycle accident law firm.

They’d know how to file for compensation and negotiate with insurance. They can even provide courtroom representation. Depending on the case, sometimes you’ll need an investigative expert too. 

Proper documentation and evidence are the keys to winning your case. An investigative expert can help you with this – they can aid in determining who’s liable and at fault. The right lawyer will ensure that you find a reliable one.

4. They’ll Fight For You

There will always be cases where the at-fault parties may try to intimidate you. They’ll even downplay the severity of your losses, or low-ball you. You also have the insurance company to deal with, which is almost always an uphill battle.

Getting a bicycle accident law firm will alleviate your stress immediately. This is especially true if you’ve suffered an injury or had your bike destroyed. One issue that will come up in the aftermath of the accident is the question of liability. 

Those who want to minimize your settlement may argue you bear the majority of the blame. Your lawyer won’t let this slide and will set out to prove that the at-fault party should compensate you in full. Liability is usually based on the percentages of how the fault breaks down. 

New York, like other states, follows the comparative negligence rule. If it’s proven you contributed to the outcome, your settlement will be a percentage lower. The other party will always argue for the smallest share of the blame they can. 

Don’t let them get away with robbing you of what you deserve. A bicycle injury lawyer will know how to fight for you.

5. Dealing and Settling Insurance 

No matter what, when it comes to personal injury cases, don’t talk to insurance companies alone. You might say something that hurts your case or gives them a reason to deny or lower your claim. Let a lawyer guide you through the process to ensure you get what you deserve. 

A lawyer will help you strategize and will even deal with the insurance company on your behalf.  A knowledgeable bicycle lawyer will draft a careful letter for the insurance company. This will outline the case in a way most beneficial for you and will mitigate the chances of mistakes. 

6. Securing Future Compensation

A good bicycle lawyer won’t turn their back on you once you get your initial settlement. It’s not uncommon for some injuries or emotional stress to appear later. This is especially the case for traumatic brain injuries which may take months or years to surface.

This is why getting medically evaluated as soon as possible is important. Hidden brain injuries and disabilities could get denied by insurance. Emotional trauma, stress, and slow-surfacing brain injuries can result in loss of income. 

These also take a toll on your mental health and quality of life. Insurance may not cover symptoms or losses that show up after the accident, and medical bills pile up. The longer after an initial settlement, the harder it may be to get more compensation. 

Proper lawyers will continue to prioritize your legal interests after the initial stages. They’ll help prove your injuries and unforeseen losses are valid.

7. Emotional and Mental Relief 

It’s a great feeling knowing your case is in capable hands. The mental and emotional burden of the post-accident process can be draining. Having a lawyer to take away the stress and ensure a smooth settlement is a godsend.  

You should focus on healing and processing the accident and its aftermath. The last thing on your mind should be the stress of battling for your settlement alone. A good bicycle injury lawyer will make all the difference.

Get A Bicycle Accident Lawyer  

After you’ve been in a bicycle accident you shouldn’t wait. You need to get a bicycle accident lawyer to start the process of compensation. Delays will only hurt your chances, and a bicycle accident lawyer knows how to navigate the legal minefield.   

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