5 Reasons Why You Need a Brain Injury Lawyer

brain injury lawyer

Every year, the CDC estimates that about 2.8 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury. This can happen anywhere while doing almost anything, and it can change your life forever.

If the negligence or actions of another person caused you or a loved one to suffer a TBI, do not let it go. Read on to learn why you should hire a brain injury lawyer.

1. You’re Not At Fault

Contact a brain injury attorney for me the best practice immediately if you are not at fault for the TBI. The fault may fall on another person or entity if they purposely hurt you, accidentally injured you by doing something negligent, or you sustained the injury on their property. 

This could look like somebody physically hitting, kicking, pushing, or tackling you. It may involve a weapon, like striking you with a bat or shooting you with a gun.

A less obvious fault may arise from somebody casing a car accident by failing to follow traffic laws or hurting you during a sporting event by playing too aggressively. No matter how badly they feel, you will still suffer for their carelessness. 

A person or company may still be at fault when not even present if you get hurt on their property. For instance, if they failed to salt an icy walkway, they indirectly caused your injury.

2. Life Changes

A TBI refers to sudden damage to brain tissue. This might occur in a number of ways.

Car accidents, sports, attacks, and falls commonly cause head trauma. But, internal circumstances, like hemorrhages or hypoxia can also lead to a TBI.

After a head injury, life changes. While plasticity of the brain does offer an opportunity for recovery, this takes time. 

Depending on the severity of the injury, getting back to normal life may take anywhere from months to years. Even then you may live an altered life indefinitely.

The brain literally processes everything that you feel, think, remember, sense, and physically do. Depending on the location of your injury, you may experience moderate to severe pain along with a host of emotional, cognitive, behavioral, sensory, and physical challenges. 

These hindrances affect every aspect of life and may significantly change how you live. You may no longer recognize your home life, work-life, and social life, which can feel devastating. Often, victims of a TBI suffer from depression and even suicidal thoughts during the later stages of recovery, when the reality of the change sinks in. 

A personal injury lawyer can help you recognize and document all of these life changes. The earlier you contact one for yourself or your loved one, the more detailed you can be in describing the significance of the impact the injury had on your life from early on.

3. Piecing Everything Together

You may find life overwhelming at this point. Attempting to piece everything together on your own to make a case against the guilty party will only make everything more difficult and confusing.

Creating a case will require tying together all of the pieces from every angle of your circumstances. You will need documented proof and testimonies from:

  • Witnesses
  • The police and emergency crew on the scene
  • Hospital staff
  • Doctors, specialists, and therapists throughout your continued treatment
  • Family and friends
  • Insurance agents
  • Your employer

This list may go on depending on how the injury affects your life. Getting everything you need takes a lot of time and effort to connect with people, get testimonies and documents from them, and follow up when necessary. Then, it all needs to be presented in a coherent manner, which takes skill.

4. Compensation

These challenges will affect your life with things a dollar amount can never fix. But, money can help make your new way of living more comfortable.

Compensation for your TBI will assist you in covering unexpected costs and getting the proper care that you need. This begins with initial medical bills.

Moving further into your treatment, you may find that you need all sorts of therapies, like physical, speech, and occupational. You may need to relearn basics, and this can take a lot of effort as an adult with impaired brain functioning.

Specialists cost a lot of money. And, you may require this treatment for the rest of your life.

Then, you may also rn into the issue of needing medications or therapies that insurance will not cover. The insurance company may only cover what you need to live, but what about the treatments that improve quality of life? Legal compensation will help you pay for them.

How much work will you miss? And when you go back, will you be capable of keeping the same position?

Winning a settlement will cover this scary loss of income. Without it, how will you catch up with bills and survive for your future?

Never feel ashamed for going after the compensation you deserve. Brain injury lawyers will help to make sure you not only receive some sort of compensation, but that you get every bit you are entitled to.

Unfortunately, the costs go far beyond monetary measure. As mentioned earlier, your life will change drastically with a TBI.

5. Accountability

People should be held accountable for their actions. Even honest mistakes carry consequences.

You may not feel angry or vengeful toward the person who caused your injury. But, seeking out justice will help keep everything in check.

Justice fulfills karma in a sense. The person takes accountability for their actions and helps to right the situation by court appointment.

Upholding justice also keeps society in check. If people can act aggressively or negligently without consequences, then not everybody will care about abiding by the law or acting in the best interest of everyone. Seeking out a lawyer will help serve justice for your situation.

Hire Your Brain Injury Lawyer ASAP

Waiting to hire your brain injury lawyer can make piecing together the case difficult. It may also create trouble in receiving full compensation from the insurance companies. 

Please allow us to help you navigate this difficult time and receive the compensation you deserve. Contact our firm for your free case review.

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