5 Benefits of Hiring a Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Lawyer

It’s estimated that over 225,000 people die every year due to medical malpractice. The deaths of these people can be attributed to wrong medical diagnoses, surgical errors, incorrect prescription dosages, and more. In fact, medical malpractice is the third most common cause of death in the United States.

Unfortunately, only 2% of people report medical malpractice to get justice. If you’re a victim of medical malpractice, it’s advisable to hire a Brooklyn medical malpractice lawyer to help you. Below are the benefits of hiring an attorney to help with your malpractice claim:

1. It Saves You Time

The effects of medical malpractice can be fatal. You may suffer adverse health effects, property loss, and even emotional pain. You will likely be busy trying to salvage what is left of your former life to dedicate all your time fighting your malpractice case.

Hiring a medical malpractice attorney helps you go about your daily business while the lawyer handles your case. This is the best way to handle your case instead of neglecting your business to attend to legal issues. The lawyer will represent you every step of the case to ensure the best possible outcome.

This gives you ample time to tend to other aspects of your life and move on with your daily duties. It also helps you avoid incidents where you miss a court date because you were too busy with other important issues in your life. This saves you time and ensures that you have the best possible representation in and out of court.

2. It Gives You Peace of Mind

Being a victim of medical malpractice is mentally stressful and tiresome. This means you might not be in the right frame of mind to handle your own malpractice case, and you can’t put a price on your peace of mind. Once you hire a medical malpractice lawyer, you will rest easy knowing that you have someone fighting for you.

Your lawyer will always put your best interest first. Hence, your case will be in good hands. With a Brooklyn medical malpractice attorney by your side, you won’t have to burden yourself with the complex process of navigating the legal system alone. Instead, you have the help of a trusted professional who knows the ins and outs of the New York legal system.

They will offer you the support and guidance you need at each step of the way. Access to such support is an invaluable asset every medical malpractice victim should have.

3. They Will Help Negotiate With the Insurance Company

Everyone knows that dealing and negotiating with insurance companies can become an absolute nightmare. It’s even worse if you don’t have the necessary experience. You could be intimidated and unsure what steps to take.

Should you accept meetings with insurance adjusters? What will you say during the meeting? How will you approach the insurance company?

If you are already suffering from a painful illness, injuries, or mental stress, the last thing you want to do is engage in confusing back-and-forth negotiations with any insurance company.

Insurance companies are notorious for finding ways to frustrate victims into dropping their cases. That’s why you should hire a New York medical malpractice lawyer to lead the negotiations with the insurance company. The lawyer’s job is to handle any negotiations with the insurance company and the at-fault medical professional on your behalf.

They have the experience and training to negotiate fairly and get you fair compensation. Additionally, your lawyer will prepare you on what to say and how to present yourself if you need to meet with the insurance company representatives.

4. Enhances Your Chances of a Fair Settlement

If you are a victim of medical malpractice due to another individual’s negligent actions, you are entitled to fair compensation. The compensation is to help you cover past and future medical bills and help you live more comfortably with the consequences of the malpractice. The only chance you have of winning your case and getting fair compensation is hiring a medical malpractice attorney.

They have the experience and expertise needed to win such a case. They will also have a better insight into your case, and help you build a strategy for your case, and find the right approach to argue why you deserve fair compensation.

They will look at your medical history, doctor’s history, and the losses you have incurred to build a case. You need someone who knows how to collect evidence and argues it in court on your behalf.

5. Accelerates the Compensation Process

Medical malpractice cases vary, each with its own unique characteristics.  The cases could be anything from a medical practitioner omitting a dosage to surgeons who mistakenly operate on the wrong patient. Whatever the cause, it’s true that medical malpractice cases are very complex.

Unfortunately, it’s essential to argue and prove your case as soon as possible with all these complexities. Any reputable medical malpractice attorney knows that time is of the essence. Moreover, most victims don’t like dwelling on what happened, and prefer moving on to other things in life.

Your attorney understands this. That’s why they work diligently to prove your case and speed up the legal proceedings. Most lawyers’ goal is to get the settlement as soon as possible, so that the wronged party can rest.

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Medical malpractice cases differ from one party to the other. But, whatever the specifics of your case, ensure you hire a Brooklyn medical malpractice lawyer. The primary objective of your attorney is to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

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